Serving Newport, WA, Diamond Lake, WA, Oldtown, ID, Priest River, ID, and Bonner County, ID
Coming soon to Grant, Chelan, and Douglas Counties, WA!

Need to contact us?  Phone: 208-437-4544 

Cable Broadband Internet


Zone 1 - Cable Internet

50 Mbps download -- 10 Mbps upload
400 Gigabytes/month usage

Zone 2 - Cable Internet

125 Mbps download -- 10 Mbps upload
Unlimited Gigabytes/month usage

Standard Installation

$29.95 Current Installation Special
$14.95 Vacation Reconnect

Additional Information

*Certain rules and restrictions apply. Please see our user agreement.

Installation charge and first month of service are due at the time of installation

Billing cycles run from the first of every month.

Concept reserves the right to restrict network abusers for excessive bandwidth, not limited to spamming, piracy of services and copyrighted material, illegal trafficking child pornography or behavior that interferes with other customers on the network.

Fiber service may also be used in conjunction with cable services in cable areas (Newport, Diamond Lake, Priest River, Oldtown and surround cable areas).

Please call us for details.

Commercial and small business packages available in fiber and cable. Please contact our office for details. Bulk accounts available with fiber and cable.